H-1B support for
employers and lawyers

We make H-1Bs easier

Software, systems, staff, and fair pricing for H-1B applications

Software, systems, staff, and fair pricing
for H-1B applications

Access to global talent

While the biggest employers get thousands of H-1Bs every year, 99% of H-1B employers get less than 100 H-1Bs per year. Legalpad levels the playing field by delivering big-scale H-1B processes to everyone.

Supporting H-1B lottery visas

H-1B application costs are multiplied by employers’ 60% chance of failure in the annual H-1B lottery. Legalpad reduces the pain with process improvements and discounts so that employers can reach more global talent in the lottery.

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We know you'll love working with us, so we'll do your first visa for free. You'll get a fully-compiled petition: printed, signed, and shipped.

Our founders


Todd Heine

Former attorney with a longstanding obsession with adding efficiency to the legal profession by enabling lawyers to do the things they do best through technology


Brandon Bloom

Engineer with 16 years of an extraordinary breadth of experience and success ranging from major tech companies to a previous company he founded and sold to Salesforce


Sara Itucas

Product-focused and immigration-technology-startup veteran who incorporates her unique knowledge blend of all things product, process, and paralegal