Immigration software and
on-demand paralegals

We make visa applications easier

Spend your time on visa strategy. Let us handle the rest.

The old way

Attorney spends 20h+ on back and forth communication with the client:

- consultation

- screening

- intake

- drafting

- assempbly

- sharing

- reviewing and questions

- editing

- finalizing

- printing

- shipping

- tracking

The NEW way

Legalpad’s paralegal and software reduce the work down to 2h by helping with:

- beneficiary screening

- evidence collection

- document generation

- automated reminders

- signature collection

- printing

- shipping

- status updates

Spend your time on visa strategy.
Let us handle the rest.

The old way
AttorneyClientIntake review, templating,drafting, & assemblyFinalizing, printing, shipping, &status trackingConsultation, screening, intake,& strategySharing, reviewing, questions &editing

hours spent

The new way
AttorneyClientworkflowbeneficiary screeningevidence collectiondocument generationautomated reminderssignature collectionprintingshippingstatus updatesOur paralegals and softwarehelp with:

hours spent

Dedicated paralegals just for you

Let our paralegals and software handle intake, form filling, letter templating, evidence gathering, printing, and shipping so you can focus on the difficult issues.

A worry-free combination of humans and software

We assemble visa petitions with speed and precision, because we rely on skilled humans and robust software to get your applications done right and done quickly.

Let's talk about how we can help

The first one is on us

We know you'll love working with us, so we'll do your first visa for free. You'll get a fully-compiled petition: printed, signed, and shipped.

Our founders


Todd Heine

Former attorney with a longstanding obsession with adding efficiency to the legal profession by enabling lawyers to do the things they do best through technology


Brandon Bloom

Engineer with 16 years of an extraordinary breadth of experience and success ranging from major tech companies to a previous company he founded and sold to Salesforce


Sara Itucas

Product-focused and immigration-technology-startup veteran who incorporates her unique knowledge blend of all things product, process, and paralegal