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We know you'll love working with us, so we'll do your first visa for free. You'll get a fully-compiled petition: printed, signed, and shipped.

H-1B Support for Employers and Lawyers

Easier H-1Bs for global talent

Legalpad levels the playing field for employers by providing the software, systems, and people that you want to get the global talent you need.

Compete for global talent with a large-scale H-1B process

Software, systems, and people just for you

Software that supports your lawyers

Pleasant experience for your global talent

Fast turnaround on H-1B application processing

Apply for more H-1Bs to grow a global talent pool

Use your lawyer or choose one from an independent network

Start winning the H-1B lottery


Software for smooth intake and workflow management


Systems to reduce human errors and support success


Support staff and engineering that superpowers lawyers

Fair pricing to compete for global talent

A more efficient H-1B process

Flat-fee pricing at competitive rates and no hidden fees

Up to 60% savings on H-1B lottery applications

Bundled pricing for high-volume employers

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Law, engineering, and process on a mission to fix what's broken.

We are a team of passionate professionals who have come together from leading organizations to fix one of the most broken pieces of the global talent system.


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